This is what I am doing now.

Home Schooling

Each afternoon I focus on teaching the my two sons (7 & 4) maths-ish related topics in a fun way. Taking Maths off of it's pedestal and instead highlighting it as tool to navigate the theatrical games I setup for the children to learn from.


I’ve built in the habit of sharing code as part of my daily workflow. This is a place to help myself remember interesting approaches or simple tricks for future coding sessions.


What I've been up to, and what is currently in the works.

Commonplace Book

A commonplace book is a collection of snippets taken from sources of interest. Mine is not focussed on programming but on the books I read to keep me on my feet in terms of living a fulfilling life.

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Extra stuff

Random bits of information:

  • ISTP personality type

  • A juggler of clubs & freestyle 3 ball cascade

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